At home WOD


Warm Up:

1 Min each

– Jogging in place
– Samson Lunge
– Rotation Lunges
– Shoulder Taps
– Burpee


Movement prep WOD I:

20/10 x 3
– Lunge + T-Spine Rotation (left)
– Lunge + T-Spine Rotation (right)
– Single Leg Side to Side Bounding (left)
– Single Leg Side to Side Bounding (right)
– Split Jumps



6 Rounds (3 per leg)
10x Pistol Squat
10x Lunge Jump
10x Single Leg Jumps
1 Min Rest
(do entire round on one leg, switch legs each round)

Beginner Version:

10x Box Step Up
10x Reverse Lunge + explosive Finish
10x Single Leg Jumps with controlled landing


Movement prep WOD II:

20/10 x 3
– Scapula Pushup
– Rotation Pushup
– Scorpions



4 Rounds
12x Pushup (lizzard version)
max reps Plyometric Pushups
2 Min Rest

Beginner Version:

12x Box Pushups
12x Plyometric Box Pushup (higher Box)
2 Min Rest


Cool down:

2 Min per leg Calf Stretch
2 Min per leg Hamstring Stretch
2 Min per arm Chest Stretch


Running WOD

Warm Up:

5-10 Min easy Jogging

3 Rounds
20m High Knees
29m Buttkicks
20m Karaoke Drill


50 Min Run
(increase tempo every 10 Min)