At home WOD


Warm Up:

10x Airsquat
5x D.Dog – Cobra
10x Samson Lunge
5x Toes to hell Rocks
10x Scapula Pushup
5x Explosive Hip Extensions

Movement prep:

Odd object version:
3 Rounds:
5x Deadlift
1x Clean
1x Clean&Jerk

Rucksack version:
4 Rounds (2 per arm):
5x Swing
2x Clean
2x Push Press



Odd Object “ Grace“
30x Ground to Overhead (ahap)

Rucksack „Grace“
60x alt. Single Arm Hang Clean&Jerk (backpack)

Cool Down:

10x each side „Lunge+T-Spine Rotation Version I“
10x each side „Lunge+T-Spine Rotation Version II“

2 Min each side „low back stretch“


Running WOD

10x 30-60 Sec. Hill Sprint
2-3 Min Rest
(choose a step hill, but you should be able to run. Distance should be how much you can cover in 30 seconds on your first sprint.)