At home WOD / Outdoor WOD

Warm Up
10x Jumping Jack
10x Deadbug
10x Glutebridge
5x Hindu Pushup

Movement prep
20/10 3 Rounds
– Romanian Deadlift
– Bent over Row
– Push Press – Pause @ Dip
– Push Press- Pause @ Lockout

42x Deadlift
21x Shoulder to Overhead
30x Deadlift
15x Shoulder to Overhead
18x Deadlift
9x Shoulder to Overhead

Cool Down
2 Rounds
10x Shoulder Circles
10x Cow-Camel

2 Min
Child Pose


„Schnell&Simpel“ Kraft
42x Backpack Swing
21x Pushups
30x Backpack Swing
15x Pushups
18x Backpack Swing
9x Pushups


Running WOD

„Running Warm Up“

8 Sets
20m Sprint  @10RPE
1 Min Rest

3 Sets
300m Run @8RPE
30 Sec Rest

Cool down
800m easy Jogging