At home WOD

Warm Up
5x D.Dog-Cobra
10x Airsquats
5x Scapula Pushup
10x Forward Rotation Lunge

Movement prep
20/10 x 2
– „Swimmer“
– Hollow Hold
– Handrelease Pushup
– Backpack* Squat
– Backpack* Forward Lunge
(*: or use the prescribed DB if you have it or substitude with what you have)


„United in movement WOD 3“
20 Min AMRAP
20x Handrelease Pushup
30x Weighted Squat
40x Handrelease Pushup
50x Weighted Forward Lunges
60x Handrelease Pushup
70x Suitcase Deadlift


Cool down
2 Min
10x Bearhug while jogging
10x Windmils

1 Min each
– Lying Chest Stretch (L/R)
– Figure 4 Stretch (L/R)


Running WOD

60 Min Run
(every 10 Min increase pace)